Share a developer story and inspire others!
Google Developer Relations is seeking stories to be highlighted in a series of short documentary style videos, blogs, newsletters, events and/or social media featured posts.

We’re particularly interested in stories with the following themes:

- Inclusivity
- Accessibility
- Mentorship
- Social change
- Regional challenges being addressed by a local developer community
- Success stories of outstanding developer community members/attendees
- Noteworthy speakers or attendees

...Focusing on local communities and how they are supported by Google Developer communities, creating innovation on Google Platforms.

Sharing stories helps inspire others. It allows us to learn from and celebrate impactful work in the developer community and even the building of great things. Let us recognize some of these amazing efforts!

Stories submitted will be reviewed by a committee at Google Developers. Your email address will only be used to contact you directly for more information on the story if we decide to move forward with publishing it. Thanks for sharing a story!
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Stories should be inspirational. What are we celebrating through this story? Feel free to film yourself telling the story and upload a link below as well. The best stories will include some of the following elements: A big win -- a crowning achievement. A Google Platform was used in an innovative way. A Google related mentor (Googler or GDE) provided guidance/mentorship or other support that resulted in an amazing success. Learning moment. A charismatic speaker. Great visuals to represent their story.
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