UNPLUGD Brand Ambassador Program
Thank you for your interest in UnplugdLA Brand Ambassador Program 2019.
Our best Brand Ambassadors are music lovers and concert goers that enjoy the art of Live Music.

Our BA Program is an initial 90 Day offer. After 90 Days we will evaluate your progress and see if our program is still a benefit to your goals. If so, an extended offer could be made.

Please note: There is a process and spots are limited. Those that complete and return all applications & emails by deadline MARCH 30, 2019 11:59pm will be taken into consideration.

IMPORTANT: Before completing application, do know there is a one-time non-refundable $75 annual fee if accepted into the program. This fee is required once a year. If you are unable to pay fee if accepted, we ask that you please do not complete an application.
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Help you expand your Network within the Music Industry and other Unique Creative Positions.

Discover and/or Polish your passion — what you want to do within this Industry (videographer, graphic design, photography, production assistant, artist booking, event production, etc.)

Ignite the Music Enthusiasts that plan to be future A&R’s, Executives, Marketers, Stage Managers & more!

Provide Exposure for you based off of what you want to do.

Connect you with the Hottest Live Music Platform in Los Angeles with many opportunities to gain knowledge and contacts.

Build your Social-Image in a positive light.

BONUS: Provide opportunities to make extra money on the side
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