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Skinner Middle School
The Legacy, the Passion, the Opportunity
Our Mission:
Educating and motivating life-long learners who explore, create and achieve.

At Skinner Middle School, we envision:
A dynamic community of students, families and staff in constant pursuit of high levels of academic and personal achievement.
An engaged community of students, staff and families, who routinely collaborate to acquire and use the instructional, personal, and community resources that develop academic, social, and life skills that lead to success.
A learning environment that promotes academic knowledge and skills, and an intentional culture that promotes respect and appreciation of diverse cultures and points of view.
A learning community committed to individual and school-wide goals, and constant assessment of progress toward the achievement of those goals.

Families will:
1. Help students be at school every day, on time.
2. Help students follow Reading & Math Plan, monitor homework and set a regular study/reading and bedtime.
3. Encourage students to complete all assignments and produce quality work.
4. Communicate on a regular basis with my student’s teachers, check agendas, attend conferences and other events.
5. Ensure my student wears school dress code every day.

Students will:
1.Attend school every day.
2.Demonstrate appropriate behaviors by following the 5 Bs; Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Team-Oriented, Be Peaceful, Be Positive.
3.Complete all assignments, produce quality work, participate in all class activities, attend school events, and ask questions when I do not understand.
4.Wear school dress code.
5.Read a minimum of 30 minutes each night.
6.Set academic goals using the Body of Evidence (BoE) folder and/or my academic learning plan and attain or surpass those goals.

Skinner Staff will:
1. Model expectations we have set for students and families.
2. Foster a climate that supports high standards and quality performance.
3. Provide a safe environment for students.
4. Communicate and build relationships with all students and families.
5. Provide continual feedback to students and families regarding academic progress.

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