Teacher Evaluation Form
In an effort to provide the best service possible through our School of Continuing Education, we regularly ask students to evaluate the instructor and course materials. Please indicate below the rank which best indicates what you experienced during the time you spent in the classroom (whether on campus or online). Please be sure to indicate the instructor name and course you took.

School Year
Course Taken
The Instructor's Knowledge of the subject matter
The Instructor's teaching technique
The Instructor's efforts to generate challenging and critical thinking activities
The Instructor's references to biblical discoveries and scholarly research
The Instructor's respect for questions by students and the willingness to give responses
The Instructor's personal attire and conduct in class
The Instructor's fairness in quiz and test grading
The Instructor's ability to explain and clarify important words, phrases or ideals
The Instructor's ability to articulate participation and course expectations
The Instructor's use of the Bible and use of CPCA references
The Instructor's inclusion of external study aids, written data and other references
Instructor's respect and use of time (as it relates to post of assignments, grading and start/end of campus classes)
Teachers Overall Score
What can the instructor do to improve?
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Is there anything else you would like us to know about your instructor?
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