Shadow Hooves Union (SHU) Application Form & Information
About Shadow Hooves Union
Shadow Hooves Union is an all level dressage club. We teach all levels from beginner-elite. There's a competition team available for those who want to try out.
We use club chat for dressage, no social media is required. However, if you have instagram we’ll add you to the gc, and if you have discord we’ll invite you to the closed server!
We are located on the North American server, Hazy Galaxy. In the event that Hazy were to close, we'd go to Raspberry Valley or Poppy Moon.
We accept everyone here, we will not tolerate any disrespect or discrimination towards anyone. It doesn't matter their beliefs or ways of living, we're all kind to one another and we'll put it aside as it is an online horse game.
We want to make you feel as welcome as possible, so if you ever feel uncomfortable towards anything make sure to let us know! We'll change it and make the adjustments to make sure you feel safe.
SHU owners and leaders!
Owner - Lucy Coldray, Pooh.
Leader - Tiny, Alexis Kittensister
Riding Instructors - Sage, Chloe Sweetsparrow
                                  Mason, Annabelle Wolfthunder
Requirements to join SHU
{} Own at least one of the club horses - Dapple grey generation 3 arabian / Generation two friesian(White or Jet Black) if interested in the comp team

{} Level 16 or higher.

{} Attend at least 3 events a week.

{} Knows the dressage basics.

{} On Hazy Galaxy, or willing to move.

{} Can get the full club outfit within 2 - 3 weeks or less.
Thank you for deciding to apply and good luck! <3
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