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Name a common way to prepare potatoes as a side dish.
Which film do you think will win the 2024 award for Best Picture at this year's Academy Awards?
Name one of the five most popular hot dog topping.
Name something dog owners do for pets that parents do for babies.
Name an accessory men wear.
What time of day is the most common for an adult to take a nap?
Tell us what your do after returning home from a long vacation.
Once a baby can crawl, name something in your house your make sure is baby-proofed.
What's the worst part about the lavatories on airplanes?
Tell us something your might see on the outside design of a pirate ship.
Fill-in the blank:  Thinking about _____________ makes me happy.
Tell us your favorite movie with a dragon in it.
What flavor would be good for both lollipops AND ice cream?
Identify something your would NOT do on a rope bridge.
Identify a place where your see a lot of phony smiles. *
Name something you'd find on a cruise ship, but not on a regular boat.
Tell us what a man does to cover up his bald spot.
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