Pub Poll Survey -
Please fill out this survey. After you have submitted your survey results you will be given one of the answers to tonight's final question. Show the confirmation page to your Pub Poll! host or tell them what answer was given on the confirmation page and they will give you extra points. Thank you so much for your participation.
Other than salary, why might you choose one job over another?
Give a reason you might wear a hat.
Name a profession that has to worry about getting sued.
Have you ever been to Canada?
Name a place you go to once or twice a week.
Identify a word that rhymes with "mend".
Name something you stuff just as full as you can get it.
Give a reason you’d suspect that your babysitter was actually Mary Poppins.
Name an occupation where people rarely wear their uniform after work.
What is a type of footwear that you couldn't wear while bowling? *
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