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Please fill out this survey.  After you have submitted your survey results you will be given one of the answers to tonight's final question.  Thank you so much for your participation.
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Name a country with a history of seafaring men.
Name something you have that you hope someday to get rid of.
Name a bird that makes a lot of noise.
Name something women think about more than men think about.
Name something that makes a dress sexy.
Name a game little boys play that they don't want girls to join in.
Name a country that you still feel it's safe to travel to.
Name an animal that best describes your boss.
Name something you remember doing by yourself for the first time.
Name a specific activity that beginners always look funny doing.
Name something you do that you don't want to do in a hurry.
Name a place where cowboys hang out.
Name a famous fictional island.
Name something a woman will never wear if it's dirty, but a man would.
Give me a slang term for someone who's afraid. *
Name a word that rhymes with "will".
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