Peer Review Board Application 2018-19
Dear Applicant,

The Peer Review Board (PRB) is beginning another year in the residences. Residential Student Service Programs recognizes the importance of the PRB in creating a safe and effective on-campus living environment.

Below is a brief description of the Peer Review Board along with an application. All Applications are due by 11:59 PM on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9th, 2019. After an initial screening, applicants will be contacted regarding their status and interviews will be scheduled. The interviews will be conducted between FEBRUARY 11-15th, 2019, with final notification e-mails distributed by the end of Friday, February 15th, 2019.

MANDATORY TRAINING SESSIONS for all Peer Review Board members will occur on Sunday, February 17th for a three hour period which will be decided at a later date, and Tuesday, February 19th from 7-8:30 PM.


If you have any questions, please e-mail

Best Wishes,

Amy Tao and Alex Gourde
Peer Review Board Coordinators

Bridget Mearns Bucey
Peer Review Board Advisor


Peer Review Board members have the opportunity to actively participate in the residential judicial process. Board members are expected to hear and adjudicate on cases of student misconduct with objectivity and the residential community’s well-being in mind. Board members learn and understand the rationale of residential policies and procedures and develop different listening, mediation, critical thinking, and decision-making techniques that are applied in the hearings. This year will also include sessions specifically dedicated to developing leadership and professional development.


To review cases and recommend sanctions to the Peer Review Board Coordinator regarding student conduct cases that occur in the residences. Also, to allow students to play an active role in the residential judicial process.


“The Peer Review Board, comprised of residents from the halls, strives to create a safe and comfortable living environment within the Residence Halls by educating our peers about shared community standards and how our actions impact others. We aspire to develop within our board members strong facilitation and leadership skills that enable them to build and sustain an inclusive environment for all.”


- 2 Boards, one Coordinator per Board. The Coordinator is a para-professional staff member of Residential Student Service Programs (a non-voting member).
- 5-8 student members per Board, one to be designated Chairperson each week.
- Quorum of five members for a decision.
- Board meetings are scheduled to meet weekly on either Tuesday's or Thursday's from 6:50-8:30 PM.


- Commit for the full academic year.
- Participate and complete training session at the beginning of the semester (3 hour commitment).
- Meet as a member of the Board (usually) four times per month.
- Develop consensus decisions regarding case outcomes.
- Recommend/advise educationally-based sanctions, as appropriate.


- Desire to be involved in crucial decision-making within the residences.
- Ability to understand and uphold University policies.
- Reflect a nonjudgmental and objective attitude.
- Hold a genuine concern for peers and the welfare of the residential community.
- Maintain a 2.3 GPA throughout the academic year.

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As a Peer Review Board member, the minimum requirements are:
a) Good academic standing with the University (maintain at least a 2.3 GPA).
b) Good conduct standing with the Center for Student Conduct and Community Standards and the Office of Student Development.
c) Maintain residency in on-campus housing. Exception for Peer Review Board members from a previous year who may be living off campus.
d) Miss no more than 1 board meeting per semester. Only one excused or unexcused is allowed per semester.
e) Attend required training on Sunday, February 10th and Tuesday, February

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