Ate Dani’s Comics Mentorship Application!
Hi, my name is Danielle Chuatico, kindly call me Dani (or Ate Dani, if you like lol) and this is the application form for my comics mentorship!

I’m a Filipino comic artist who flew from the Philippines to the United States to earn my Master of Fine Arts degree in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Since I moved to the States, I’ve been published by BOOM! Studios, Iron Circus Comics, and Comics Experience, I’ve been picked up by a literary agent, and am working on my first graphic novel. Now that I’ve graduated, I’d like to share my knowledge with you, my fellow countrypeeps who decide to partake in the world of comics!

My goal for this mentorship is to take on 3 Filipino comic creators who are looking to break into the comics industry and guide them through the creative process of making an 8-page comic, from writing, drawing, coloring, and lettering the comic to completion in the span of 3-4 months. By the end of the mentorship, each mentee will have a portfolio-ready/print-ready comic that they could show to editors, sell at conventions, or share online.

The mentorship will span 3-4 months and will go through each stage of creating comics, allotting two weeks per stage. Every week, I’ll conduct check-ins online (via video call/e-mail) will give in-depth critique on your work. I will also create a Discord server to easily contact me and meet the other mentees.

Requirements for applicants:
- Filipino comic creator
- Have a portfolio (via website or PDF) that shows a grasp on the foundations of drawing and HAS TO INCLUDE COMIC PAGES
- Are able to deliver legible pages (can scan and edit pages)
- Have 2-3 rough ideas for an 8-page ORIGINAL, SELF-CONTAINED story (story MUST HAVE a beginning, middle, and end, must be able to stand alone as a short story but can be related to a larger story).
- Have the ability to take critique with an open mind

Ideal applicants are Filipino comic creators who are passionate about making comics but need help with the creation process. Priority will be given to Filipinos of marginalized genders and those who I believe I can help the most with my specialties in comics (autobio/slice-of life/romance/coming-of-age/young adult narratives). With the standalone 8-page format, clear, concise short stories are favored over those that require explanation of world/lore and exposition.

Applications will be open from March 2, 2020 to March 30, 2020 and mentees will be selected at April 14, 2020.

Good luck and I’m excited to meet y’all!

NOTE 1: This is a personal mentorship to hone your skills as a comic creator, not for school accreditation.
NOTE 2: This mentorship is not a guarantee for jobs in comics or freelance gigs but hopefully will help you towards your desired path in comics!
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