RWD Volunteer Interest Form 2020
If you are interested in becoming with involved with RWD, please submit this interest form!
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Become a RWD Tutor:
⦿ If you are a high school student interested in helping young learners improve their reading and writing skills
⦿ Attend program sessions
⦿ Receive professional development resources, including trainings on how to develop and lead successful lesson plans
⦿ Note: Tutors will earn community service hours for their service. College and career development workshops will be offered throughout the Summer and Fall as a benefit!

Become a RWD Coordinator:
⦿ If you are a high school student (especially if you previously were a RWD Tutor) interested in taking on a leadership role
⦿ Plan RWD events (i.e. Family Orientation, Big Activity, Award Ceremony)
⦿ Recruit and manage team of tutors
⦿ Act as liaison between the library and the RWD Board

Become a RWD Adult Volunteer:
⦿ If you are 18+ (especially if you are a parent of one of our tutors or learners) and would like to support the program operations
⦿ Attend program sessions
⦿ Support our young leaders as they run the program. This can mean handing out materials, checking in students, or providing guidance if needed.
⦿ Note: Adult Volunteers must be fingerprinted by the city. This will be reimbursed by the library.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at
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Tutor, Coordinator, and Adult Volunteer recruitment will begin in January. We will reach out to you when applications open. *
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