DBME Tribal Informational Forum Survey 8/18/20
1. Please tell us about yourself (Check all that apply):
2. If you selected other from question 1 please provide the name of your organization.
3. This DES Tribal Presentation was effective in allowing me to share my thoughts, input, and perspectives.
4. The topics included in this DES Tribal Presentation were appropriate and informative.
5. The appropriate DES staff attended this Tribal Presentation.
6. The appropriate Tribal Leadership and Stakeholders attended this Tribal Presentation.
7. How do you feel about the length of the DES Tribal Presentation?
8. What did you like MOST about this DES Tribal Presentation?
9. What did you like LEAST about this DES Tribal Presentation?
10. What suggestions do you have for improving the structure of future DES Tribal Presentations?
11. Would your tribe and/or organization/agency be interested in hosting a future DES Tribal Presentation? If so please provide your contact information for scheduling purposes and list if there is a specific Division and or Program within the Division you would like to be presented.
12. Please provide any additional comments you may have.
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