Skoolbo - Class License Req
Addressing RTI - Tier 2 and Tier 3, Skoolbo is an online support program targeted for students needing a more personalized focus to gain confidence in math or reading skills. Individualized reports provide an opportunity for teachers to tailor their ongoing lesson activities to fit need and progression of skills.

** BEFORE proceeding, please read carefully.

* Applications are invited from teachers (classroom, LSS, ELL) who are interested in using this resource to support students in class or in small groups.
* All Skoolbo class licenses are good for ONE YEAR. (You will be requested to complete a survey at the end of year.)
* For optimal benefit, you will need access to a lab, 1-1 ipads, or classroom desktops (2-3 times per week).
* As this is an online program requiring student login, please consider using this as an opportunity to reinforce elements of Digital Citizenship.
* Having headsets may help with sound delivery.

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