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L6T1A - Getting to know you
In this lesson, you're going to learn some key questions and answers for conversations with new people.
Task One: Watch the video and practise saying the questions.
Task Two: Put the words in the correct order and write the eight questions to Jennifer.
name? / What's / your
What's your name?
your / What's / nickname?
your / favourite / What’s / place?
your / What’s / job? / dream
Who’s / movie / favourite / your / star?
you / Who / with? / do / live
weekend? / What / do / last / you / did
or sisters? / you / have / Do / brothers / any
pets? / you / have / Do / any
Task Three: Watch the video and try to remember the questions.
Task Four: Watch the video and practise saying Jennifer's answers.
Task Five: Choose the right words to complete Jennifer's answers to the eight questions.
1. My _____ Jenny.
Clear selection
2. _____ Tokyo in Japan.
Clear selection
3. _____ a vet.
Clear selection
4. I'm a big _____ Jennifer Lawrence.
Clear selection
5. I _____ with my parents and my brother.
Clear selection
6. I _____ the cinema.
Clear selection
7. Yes, _____ one brother.
Clear selection
8. Yes, I _____ dogs and a cat.
Clear selection
Task Six: Watch the video and answer the questions with your own information.
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