Be a JS Community Host: Apply for Hosting a JSHeroes attendee during the conference
Please fill up this form if you want to 'adopt' one of the JSHeroes attendee during the JSHeroes conference (at least from Wednesday afternoon to Saturday morning, but possibly more days, if you wish). This is like being a host for couch surfers: yes, someone will sleep at your place. We will pair you up with a guest that we think is ok for you, and then we let you deal with the specific details. But in case you find the guest inappropriate, you can refuse.
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How many people can you host? *
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Do you live in the city or around (eg. Floresti) ? *
We will try to pair people by the same gender. In case we can't match everyone like this, are you willing to host someone of a different gender?
Do you have a pet?
Do you offer a separate room for your guest?
Are you willing to host people until Sunday if they wish to stay for the weekend? *
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Are you a member of JSHeroes? (= on Facebook and Meetup group)
Thank you. We really appreciate your help. We will contact you as soon as we find someone for you to host :)
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