Brewster Board of Education Self Evaluation
The current Trustees of the Brewster Board of Education, constituted on July 3, 2018, are in the process of performing a mid-year self-evaluation and are requesting feedback on our performance as identified in the questions below. Thank you in advance for your participation and your continued support.

Deadline to respond February 15th

Please identify yourself as one of the following:
What do you believe are the strengths of the current Board?
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What do you believe are the weaknesses of the current Board?
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Do you believe the Board is receptive to community concerns?
If “YES”, how did the Board show it was receptive to the community’s concerns?
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If “NO”, what do you believe are the barriers to communication between the community and the Board?
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Would you be interested in participating in a Board Community Forum to discuss subjects affecting our district?
If “YES”, which of the following topic(s) would you like to see discussed
Do you have any suggestions for the Board to consider with respect to the content and/or presentation of information at the Board meetings?
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Any additional comments?
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