Registration form for IAUS339: Southern Horizons in Time Domain Astronomy
This form will record your personal details and your choice of contribution (if any) to IAU Symposium 339: Southern Horizons in Time Domain Astronomy. Once we have received your registration details, we will contact you via email with details on how to make payment of the conference fee.
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The prime objective of the symposium is to explore ways to harness technology and collaboration so as to meet newly-identified challenges in specified aspects of time-domain astronomy. Since there are so many specifics to address in this context, on the afternoons of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday the symposium will disperse into workshops or focus sessions (specialist discussions), and you are asked to let us know which ones you would choose to attend. The timetables for those afternoons will be arranged when the distribution of choices is more complete. A few workshops will offer teaching rather than discussions.

The list of workshops is not yet complete, but please indicate which three (or more) workshops or focus sessions you plan to attend. Your choices are not binding, but will allow us to build a timetable that minimises conflicts.

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The symposium includes plenary sessions (primarily invited talks), workshops/focus sessions (with less formal discussions and presentations, as determined by the session organisers), and poster sessions. If you are interested in contributing a presentation(s) please provide the following information:

Given the number and nature of the workshops/focus sessions, you may submit up to two abstracts.

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The SOC, in consultation with focus session organisers, will select abstracts for oral or poster presentation, and place them appropriately. You should be advised of the outcome by early July. Please note that, since the focus sessions are primarily for discussion, the length and style of participant contributions will be determined by the relevant session organisers.
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