Alaska Food Coalition Steering Committee Application
The purpose of the Alaska Food Coalition (AFC) Steering Committee is to:
• contribute to the strategic vision of the direction and goals of the anti-hunger network in Alaska
• build diverse representation and recruitment for the AFC with the AFC Manager
• help set and direct a statewide advocacy agenda
• ensure that decisions are respectful of the vision, mission, mandate and values of the AFC

The roles and responsibilities of AFC Steering Committee Members will include:
• acting as a governing body on behalf of coalition membership at large
• leverage networks, connections, and resources to advance AFC efforts
• planning and participating in general membership meetings
• recruiting new members
• serve on at least one workgroup (when applicable)
• Educate policy makers and public about hunger/poverty in Alaska
• identify key issues and set broad direction and priorities
• identify partnership opportunities
• represent coalition interests and positions at public functions and public policy forums
• oversee and provide support for the AFC Manager
• potential travel to Juneau and Washington, D.C. to represent Alaska and the AFC

Time commitments:
1. Attend quarterly Steering Committee teleconference meetings (1 hour)
2. Respond regularly and in a timely manner to e-mails regarding AFC matters (2 hours max/month)
3. Serve on committees or task forces or take on special assignments (as needed)
4. Follow roles and responsibilities as listed above

For more information on the AFC and our projects, go to

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