Share Your Story on Pain with Sex & Sexuality.
Thank you for joining our project on female sexual health and well-being. We are a group of female Harvard students who care deeply about women's sexuality. This summer, with support from Our Bodies Ourselves and the Harvard Kennedy School’s Women in Public Policy Program, we are seeking interviews with individuals who fall into the following three categories:
i) Women ages 18 to 45 who experience pain with sex.
ii) Women who have successfully treated pain with sex. Whether you have been diagnosed with vaginismus or not, we want to hear your story
iii) Physical therapists and medical clinicians (such as ob/gyns, family practice physicians, and internists) with experience diagnosing and treating pelvic floor pain and other pelvic floor problems

We really value your time and your courage to share your story! Please take 2 minutes to tell us about you! We will follow up to set up an interview.

Warm regards,
Marta & team


Dear all,
Thank you all for your time! We have finalized the first phase of our research this summer. We will have a follow up in the Fall, so if you have not been interviewed yet, we will contact you then. Looking forward to speaking to you. Once again, thank you for your time.

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