Saranac Lake Staff Needs Assessment
This survey will help the Technology Integration Team understand the existing technologies in your classrooms and what needs you have for future technology use.
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Where do you work?
What technologies do you currently have in your classroom/work space? *
If you wanted to have a computer/tablet for everyone during your class, how accessible is that for you? *
I never have computers for everyone when I need them.
I have computers for everyone anytime I need them.
How reliable is the technology that you have access to? *
Completely Unreliable
Highly Dependable
How willing are you to implement new technologies in your classroom? *
I use new technologies only when required.
I use new technologies that I learn about on my own.
Which of the following Google Apps do you currently use in your classroom instruction. (Please add anything that's not listed.) *
What free educational technologies do you use in your classroom? (please add any tech that's not listed) *
What paid educational technologies do you use in your classroom? (Please add any that aren't listed.) *
Rate the level that your students interact with the SMART Board *
On a daily basis.
Rate your level of confidence in using SMART Notebook software. *
Not at all confident.
Highly confident.
Which apps or technologies are important to your classroom's ability to function? *
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Describe how you deliver content to your students... *
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What barriers exist that make tech integration difficult for you? *
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What support do you need to integrate technology more effectively in your classroom? *
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Wish List- if you could have anything tech related to improve your ability to provide students with rich educational opportunities, what would you want? *
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