Interested in Doing a Whole-Foods Detox/Cleanse?
I'm thinking about doing a whole-foods detox/cleanse for the Spring and would love to know if you'd be interested in doing it with me. I'm talking about the kind of detox where you eat real, whole foods. No liquid diets. No deprivation. We'll focus on flooding your diet with foods that support your body's natural detox process to help you boost your energy, clear your mind and feel better in your body. What do you think? Want to join me? Let me know your thoughts here...
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Are you be interested in doing a whole-foods detox (where you can eat real food and not feel deprived but still detox your system) this Spring?
Have you ever done a detox or cleanse before? If yes, what was your experience like - good, bad, ugly? Tell me what you thought/how you felt.
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What's the ideal amount of time you'd like to dedicate to a cleanse?
What do you want to get out of a detox or a cleanse?
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Can you think of a friend who would want to do it with you? If you want to include their email, I'll send them the info too!
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