Suzify Your Life and Business Podcast "Guest Expert"
Hey! Suzie here, I am so excited to have you on the show.

I started this podcast to create a platform where business owners/ freelancers can have a place where you can get free advice about your business.

I'm an avid podcast listener. I love listening to successful peoples' stories.  But I remember when I was starting my business I was struggling so much, so I thought what if we help the struggling ones so we can listen to more success stories. What if there's a platform where they can get free advice and actionable steps.

So here we are, this podcast is born. I wanna help business owners/ freelancers get free coaching calls about their life or business challenges.

How are you gonna come in? I also wanna create a platform for experts to build their authority, share their expertise and give back to the community. Based on the guest submission we will see the type of experts they're gonna need to help them with their struggles. We will send you the bio and you can decide if you wanna be part of it.

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