Role call. Are you present, prepared and participating in class MB-MIBEM (KABS) GE 1&2
Nature of the role call
Your answer
Team Spirit
Ana Gomez
Christina Binder
Hester Boogaard
Jordan Millwood
Mert Topcu
Team Skyrocket
Floris van Duijn
Marc Atkins
Thomas Kanza
Maria Luostarinen
Thanh Lê
Group Marshmallow
Justus Cambier
Robbert van Dijk
Elifcan Ozakhun
Vincent Broussoux
Group Ponte
Daïm Boscart
Jelena Dukic
Pierre van der Kroon
Willem Hooft Graafland
Hanna Huemer
Group Icarus
Ze Feng
Leonhard Eßmann
Jeroen van Welsem
Niamh Deutz Ebeling
Diederick van der Avoort
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