Vegan Coach Application - 2018 Rochester Vegan Living Program
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Yes or No: I am vegan! I do not eat animals or any products derived from animals such as eggs, milk or honey. I refuse to buy leather, fur, silk, wool and feathers. I do not use cosmetics, soaps and chemical products that are derived from or tested on animals. I do not support the use of animals for entertainment purposes (such as zoos, circuses, aquariums, rodeos, racing, hunting and fishing). *
How long have you been vegan? We ask that coaches be vegan at least one year in order to participate in the VLP. (If you have not been vegan for a year, we would gladly have you as a volunteer at any session or sessions that you can attend. Please email for volunteer opportunities, *
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In one sentence, why are you vegan? *
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Do you have children? *
Do you prefer a same-gender Pledge? (We will honor your preference as best we can!) *
Are there any special circumstances, life situations, or other info about you which would help us match you with a Pledge? (For example, do you cook for a big family? Do you work out regularly? Do you manage any medical conditions or food sensitivities? Please tell us as much as possible that will help us match you with a Pledge.) *
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First-time Vegan Coaches must attend one of the Vegan Coach Orientations. Because this is the first Rochester Vegan Living Program, ALL Vegan Coaches must make it to one of the orientations: Saturday March 10th, 11am-1pm, OR Monday March 12th, 6pm-8pm. Both orientations will be held at the Rochester Vegan Community Center, 14 Edmonds Street, Rochester, New York 14607. Please indicate which orientation you'll attend: *
If we’re short on Coaches, would you be open to coaching two Pledges? *
The Vegan Living Program sessions listed below are required attendance for Vegan Coaches. The in-person support for your assigned Pledge at the sessions is valuable in helping them maintain their veganism throughout the program. Will you attend all five sessions? *
All sessions except April 28 will be held at the Rochester Vegan Community Center, 14 Edmonds Street, Rochester, NY 14607. On May 5 we will take a field trip to Skylands Animal Sanctuary in Wantage, New Jersey.
I commit to attending VLP educational session 1: April 14, 10am – 1pm – Coach/Pledge Intros, Introduction to Veganism & Cooking Demos *
I commit to attending VLP educational session 2: April 21, 1 – 3pm – Vegan Nutrition *
I commit to attending VLP educational session 3: April 28, 1 – 3pm – The Environment & Living Vegan FAQs *
I commit to attending VLP educational session 4: May 5 – Field Trip to Skylands Animal Sanctuary *
I commit to attending the VLP graduation celebration, May 12, 12 – 1pm *
Please add my email address to the VLP 2018 email list for Vegan Coaches, Pledges and other participants to stay in touch. *
How did you hear about the Vegan Living Program? *
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Once you click "Submit" you will receive a confirmation email within 72 hours. Please reply to that email to confirm receipt. Submission of this form is not a guarantee of enrollment in the program. After review of your application, you will be notified via email by one of the organizers of acceptance into the program. Thank you for your interest!
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