Professional Development Fund (PDF) Application
The Professional Development Fund (PDF) is available to members of Units 1, 2, and 3 as noted by Articles 15.16 (Unit 1) & 15.19 (Unit 2) & 19 (Unit 3) of the Collective Agreements.
Criteria & Procedure
• The Professional Development Fund (PDF) is a reimbursement fund available to members in Units 1, 2, and 3 to support them in attending and presenting at conferences, and with other professional development expenses.

• The total expenditure of the PDF shall not exceed $125 000 in the contract year.

• This money will be distributed three times per contract year, in periods that correspond with academic terms and peak conference periods:

FALL (Sep. 1st – Dec. 31st) ➜ Deadline: Jan. 10th
WINTER (Jan. 1st – May. 31st) ➜ Deadline: Jun. 10th
SUMMER (Jun. 1st – Aug. 31st) ➜ Deadline: Sep. 10th

• Priority will be given to applications for events that occur within the current adjudication session (e.g.: applications for conferences in October will be given priority in the Fall session [Jan. 10th deadline].)
◦ Applications for events that occurred outside of the current adjudication session will be treated as low priority (e.g.: applications for conference in October will treated as low priority in the Winter session [Jun. 10th deadline].)
◦ It is possible for members to resubmit an application for an activity that received less than the maximum annual award in a previous adjudication session within the same contract year, but such applications will be treated as low priority and dependent on the financial state of the PDF at that time.

• The PDF does not cover capital costs such as equipment, software, stationery, and books, and does not cover food and drink costs.

Supporting Documentation Requirements
• Type A (Conference Presentation) & B (Conference Attendance):
◦ Receipts for all relevant expenses (Booking references are not accepted).
◦ [A ONLY] Either a conference program with your work featured or a letter from a conference official acknowledging acceptance of your work.

• Type C (Other Expenses) & D (Workshop, Course, and/or Programme Expenses):
◦ Receipts for all relevant expenses.
◦ A detailed description of the expense incurred and how it will assist your professional development.

Amounts and Distribution of Awards
• The PDF is approximately divided into three equal portions, with each portion earmarked for each of the adjudication sessions. The PDF Committee reserves the right to adjust this portioning if deemed necessary to deal with extraordinary draws upon the Fund.

• In the interest of awarding funding equitably to all eligible (successful) applicants, maximum individual awards have been established.
◦ For Type A activities (conference presentations), one will receive no more than $600 in any academic year.
◦ For Type B, C, and D activities (conference attendance; courses, workshops, and/or programme funding; and other professional development expenses), one will receive no more than $250 in any academic year.
◦ Overall, a member will receive no more than $600 in any academic year.

• Due to the finite nature of the fund, the increasing number of applicants, and the growing cost of activities, the PDF Committee has the right to impose sessional funding ceilings less than the maximum individual awards in order to maintain an equitable distribution of funding.

• The PDF Committee will endeavour to review applications as soon as possible after the session deadline. Normally, funds are distributed within 6 - 8 weeks of the deadline.

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