Camrose Public Library Survey
Thank you for taking the time to give us your thoughts about the library! This survey should take about 5 minutes. All questions are optional.
Do you live in the City or County of Camrose?
Are you:
Where do you usually find out about community events in Camrose? (e.g. social media, newspaper(s), bulletin boards, etc)
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How often do you usually visit the library? (Once a month, once a week, more/less than that...)
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What do you usually visit the library for? Check all that apply.
How would you prefer to get information about the library?
Are you satisfied with our collection? What would you do to improve it? (Think about signage, variety of materials, variety of formats, etc.)
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What kind of programs and events would you like to see at the library? (Think about your extra-curricular interests, things you'd like to learn about, etc.)
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Do you feel welcome when you enter the library? Are you greeted?
How knowledgeable do staff seem about library resources, the collection, current technologies, and programs happening at the library?
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Do you feel that staff enjoy their jobs?
When you have a question or a problem, do staff:
Would you like to elaborate on any of your previous answers? Do you have additional comments for us?
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