TNC Driver Complaint Form

What is the purpose of this form?
This form is intended to help TNC drivers describe complaints about TNC companies, drivers, or other industry related issues to a neutral and independent ombudsperson who will attempt to resolve the complaint(s). Complaint trends will be shared with the TNC Drivers Advisory Committee.

What is an ombudsperson and what will they do?
The ombudsperson will act as a liaison between transportation network companies and drivers; advise the committee on driver complaint trends; assist the committee in developing recommendations to TNC representatives; handle complaints from TNC drivers, and; conduct impartial investigations of complaints. It’s important to remember that the ombudsperson is not acting as your lawyer and is not providing legal advice.

What do I need to do?
First, you are required to try to resolve the issue with the company you drive for before submitting this form. Complaints regarding issues that have been previously resolved may not be considered. Second, if you are unable to resolve the issue, describe the problem using this form and submit it for review. Third, wait for the ombudsperson to review your complaint and get back to you about next steps. Generally, you should receive acknowledgment of the complaint within one or two business days of submission.

What’s the process?
After the ombudsperson receives and reviews your complaint, they will determine whether it’s a TNC-related issue or a policy and regulatory issue with the City of Portland. They may contact you for more information. If it’s a policy or regulatory issue, the ombudsperson may work with the Advisory Committee facilitator on developing recommendations that the Advisory Committee may consider. If it’s a TNC-related issue, the ombudsperson will investigate and, if appropriate, contact the TNC to attempt to resolve the issue. Afterwards, the ombudsperson will provide a written determination to you, the Advisory Committee, and the City of Portland.

Important reminders:
The form you are about to submit may be considered a public record and may be subject to public records requests.

More information about the committee can be found here:
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