Application for Mentorship with Jemese LaChel
Hello, sister!

If you're here it's becuase you found me through, and you're considering applying for mentorship together.

Know that this is holy work we're about to do. It is my ministry to the Lord and a gift to be able to help set women like you FREE in the name of Jesus.

I'm a clinical therapist, but this work is not therapy. It so much more. It is inner healing and deliverance so that every chain weighing you down is broken.

You may not even understand what that means right now--but trust if you're here on my application page you were likely sent here for a reason.

Anyways.. I appreciate your time in completing this form! It enables me to determine what your needs are, and ensures that if now's a good time for the work, we can head into it with a powerful start.

Please it out in its entirety. I will review it, and reach out with next steps.

Jemese LaChel, MSW, LCSW
Inner Healing & Deliverance for Women
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How did you find Jemese's work?
Share a little bit about what's happening in your life or business that has you ready to seek mentorship?
What healing or counseling work have you done in the past? How did it (or didn't it) help?
Tell me a little bit about what your spiritual/religious beliefs are.
Women typically come to Jemese with issues around trauma that they are seeking help with processing and permanently clearing. If you are comfortable, please share briefly what any specific trauma events you have experienced that you know you need help with? (Feel free to skip if this question is triggering )
What is the NUMBER ONE change you dream of achieving by completing a mentoring with Jemese? Dream BIG and share below...
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