Application for Coaching with Jemese LaChel
Hey sis! I appreciate your time in completing this form! It enables me to determine if we are a good fit, and ensures that if so, we can head into this powerful program on a good start. Fill out this form in its entirety. I will review it, and will reach out with your next steps! We'll determine together if you'd benefit from a quick 15-min phone chat, or if you're ready to pay your investment & hop straight into our first coaching calls together.

Myself or a member of my team will reply back within 24hrs of receiving your application.

- Jemese LaChel
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How did you find Jemese's work?
Share a little bit about what's happening in your life or business that has you ready to invest in a coaching program at this time?
What's stopped you from making the investment in the past? Why is NOW different? What's the turning point that has your heart ready to finally get this level of support so you can start living your dream life?
Jemese's 3-month coaching program starts at $2200 for 90 days of powerful coaching & all the extra bonuses (or $733.33 x 3). Are you ready to invest in this level of coaching?
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If it's determined by Jemese that working together would be a great fit, do you prefer a free 15-min phone chat to firm up our plans, or are you ready to make your investment and get started right away? *
What healing or counseling work have you done in the past? How did it (or didn't it) help?
Jemese's work is deeply centered in Divine Feminine principles of womb wellness, compassion, shadow work, and our innate ability as women to receive using our feminine energy. What is your relationship to your femininity, your menstrual cycles, what it means to be a woman? (No wrong answer here, this just helps me learn where you're at)
Women typically come to Jemese with issues around trauma that they are seeking help with processing and permanently clearing. If you are comfortable, please share briefly what any specific trauma events you have experienced that you know you need help with? (Feel free to skip if this question is triggering )
What is the NUMBER ONE change you dream of achieving by completing a coaching program with Jemese? Dream BIG and share below...
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