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Knights Of Echovald [KoE] started life in 2007 as a guild in the original Guild Wars, but has since developed into a multi-game social community that has formed long lasting friendships. Our goal as a guild is simple; to have fun with those whose company we enjoy.
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How To Join
You can get involved with us by joining our Discord server:

>>>> <<<<

(Please see #about-us channel upon joining for more info about the server and ranks)

Feel free to hop in and say hi, or ASK in general chat for a guild invite if you want to join one of our in-game guilds!

New members start off at the Recruit rank. Once you start interacting with us and we see you are a good fit, you will be promoted to a full-blown Member AKA "Squire" (which comes with exclusive access to the Living Room voice channel)!

What We Do
Our primary communication hub is Discord, and it is where most of our guild community contributes socially. We have members from all around the world, and play many different games including Guild Wars (1&2), GTA V, Overwatch, Star Citizen, Destiny 2, Old School Runescape, Divinity, Minecraft, Red Dead Redemption 2, Mount & Blade and many more. Much of the time we just hang out and chat!

Being online all of the time is not required, but if you are interested in joining KoE, we would like you to be on Discord and actively contribute, participate in activities, and engage with guild members regularly. While we welcome all types of members, it should be noted that we are not a PG or PC guild, and often times our conversations reflect that.

Additional Way To Join
If for whatever reason the link above is busted, provide your Discord account name here (including the 4 digit code!), and someone will try to reach out to you.

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