Creative Nature Playschool Enrollment Application
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Monday - Friday
8:30am to 1pm (open till 3pm on select days)
Orangevale, CA

Thank you for your interest in Creative Nature Playschool, a FIVE time Best of Orangevale winner for Child Care Services! Our high quality program is wildly mimicked, yet never duplicated! CNP is truly a one of a kind nature preschool in Northern California. As an ALL outdoor nature preschool, with countless certifications and trainings, we focus on environmental education while instilling love and empathy for our natural world. Entrance to our program is highly competitive and welcome your application sooner than later!

Once staff have reviewed the application your family will be notified if you have been selected for a phone interview. If your family is selected to move forward in the process, after the phone interview, you will be contacted for an in person interview and tour of CNP. If CNP is full your family will be added to our waitlist using this application and you will be contacted once a space opens. Staff do not guarantee enrollment, as families/children are chosen based on phone interview, in person interview, and application. Please remember to answer all application questions, otherwise without a completed application staff cannot make an adequate assessment regarding enrollment.
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Requested Start Date: *
Schedule Day Preference: *
CNP only operates between 8:30am and 1pm and all schedules must contain at least two days. Please also note that our themed lessons taught on Monday and Wednesday are repeated on Tuesday and Thursday.
Second Schedule Day Preference *
CNP only operates between 8:30am and 1pm and all schedules must contain at least two days. Please also note that our themed lessons taught on Monday and Wednesday are repeated on Tuesday and Thursday.
If your child is not chosen for an opening due to availability would you like to stay on CNP’s waitlist or take another schedule (choose one): *
Is your family interested in optional extended hour care from 1pm to 3pm, for an additional fee? *
Child’s siblings and ages: *
Child’s family pets: *
Child’s favorite/least favorite interests: *
Child’s favorite/least foods/beverages: *
Please describe your child's nap schedule (including length and time of day): *
CNP's outdoor classroom consists of chickens, dog, cat, plants with thorns, stumps, insects, rabbits, lizards, nut trees, reptiles, native bees, peanut plants, peanut shells and corn on the ground from squirrel feeders, chicken eggs and other environmental factors that your family needs to be aware of. With this in mind please list any dietary restrictions, allergies, medical alerts, and/or special accommodation requests for your child: *
Please list any specific words used in your family for daily interactions (i.e.: potty, urination, bowel movement, thirsty, injury, sleep, diaper, etc.): *
Are there any legal or custody issues that affect your child: *
Describe your child’s best qualities: *
When do you anticipate starting your child in Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, or other program (month/year): *
Within our four hour day there are two scheduled restroom breaks where children will be required to at least try. CNP defines potty trained as being able to successfully use the restroom from beginning to end, WITHOUT any help. CNP ONLY accepts children whom are completely potty trained. Please describe your child’s skill level in using the restroom facilities: *
At CNP we find that the more a child becomes independent the more self confidence they gain, which only furthers their sense of empowerment and resilience. Please share in what way your family encourages independence at home: *
Please describe how your family handles discipline/behavioral issues/concerns: *
Positive reinforcement and natural consequences are key to guiding children towards positive behavior choices. In order for your child to be successful in child care Parent/Guardian(s) and care givers must work together to handle disciplinary issues. What are some examples of how your family encourages positive reinforcement and natural consequences at home: *
CNP holds the health and safety of all child’s in our care as our highest priority. With that said, does your child have a history of physically violent behavior, such as hitting, kicking, scratching, bitting, running away from teachers/care givers and/or other similar behavior towards adults and/or peers? If so please explain, as well as, how this behavior is handled at home. Misinformation regarding this question may result in a redetermination of enrollment. *
Has your child attended another organized program? If so, what program and why did your family leave? If your family has attended another program please list the name and contact information. Misinformation regarding this question may result in a redetermination of enrollment. *
Has your family applied to other programs, and if so which programs have you applied to? Misinformation regarding this question may result in a redetermination of enrollment. *
Why did your family choose to apply to CNP? What specifically are you hoping to gain from your child’s time at CNP? How did you find or hear about CNP? *
What about the CNP program appeals to your family and why do you feel CNP is a good match for your child? *
What concerns, if any, do you have about the CNP program? *
Does your family have or has anyone else expressed any developmental concerns about your child at this time? If so, what were the concerns? *
Are there any areas you feel your child needs assistance with; physical, developmental, social, or otherwise? *
In care, staff only get to see a short (and sometimes incomplete) snippet of your child, and also see them in comparison to others the same age. Sometimes, this results in concerns that will prove to be founded, or unfounded. Finding out there is a possible concern about a child can be a difficult conversation to have. If staff has a possible concern about your child’s growth or development, what is the best way to approach you? *
Mutual respect is a very important part of the Parent/Caregiver relationship. CNP views child care as a team effort between Parent/Guardian(s) and staff are therefore highly selective when choosing the right families for our program. How do you plan to work with staff to ensure your child is supported both at CNP and at home? This also includes addressing concerns. *
Care of the environment is a critical part of the CNP program. Does your child have responsibilities, chores, or is requested to help at home? If so, please describe? *
Working together to provide for the needs of children requires us to have positive communication about what works for your child; how you see their temperament and how you approach them. What specifically do you want us to know about your child? *
Throughout your child’s time at CNP we will use several methods of communication (i.e., text, call, email, notes, one on one meetings, etc.) What are the most effective ways you want to be communicated with? *
CNP is an ALL outdoor preschool program, that includes play outdoors rain or shine, and shoes are not always required. We get dirty, encourage independence daily, take safe risks, play hard, touch bugs and critters, and get clothes slimy and muddy! Do you have any concerns regarding our philosophy? *
Potential Playschooler Temperament Screening
Please complete the following temperament assessment to the best of your ability. If you feel your child is between a rating please note your comments at the end. CNP’s goal is to enroll children who’s temperaments are similar to our current students, thus maximizing the best fit possible for all children. Parent/Guardian(s) who put the same rating in every category will not be taken seriously for enrollment.
Activity Level - How much does the child wiggle and move around when being read to, sitting at a table, or playing alone? (Range: 1 = High Activity 5 = Low Activity) *
Regularity - Is the child regular about eating times, sleeping times, amount of sleep needed, and bowel movements? (Range: 1 = Regular 5 = Irregular) *
Adaptability - How quickly does the child adapt to changes in her or his schedule or routine? How quickly does the child adapt to new foods and places? (Range: 1 = Adapts Quickly 5 = Slow to Adapt) *
Adaptability/Withdrawal - How does the child usually react the first time to new people, new foods, new toys, and new activities? (Range: 1 = Initial Approach 5 = Initial Withdrawal) *
Physical Sensitivity - How aware is the child of slight noises, slight differences in temperature, differences in taste, and differences in clothing? (Range: 1 = Not Sensitive 5 = Very Sensitive) *
Intensity of Reaction - How strong or violent are the child's reactions? Does the child laugh and cry energetically, or does she or he just smile and fuss mildly? (Range: 1 = High Intensity 5 = Mild Reaction) *
Distractibility - Is the child easily distracted, or does she or he ignore distractions? Will the child continue to work or play when other noises or children are present? (Range: 1 = Very Distractible 5 = Not Distractible) *
Positive or Negative Mood - How much of the time does the child show pleasant, joyful behavior compared with unpleasant crying and fussing behavior? (Range: 1 = Positive Mood 5 = Negative Mood) *
Persistence - How long does the child continue with one activity Does the child usually continue if it is difficult? (Range: 1 = Long Attention Span 5 = Short Attention Span) *
Please use this space for any additional comments regarding questions 1-9 on the Temperament Assessment Scale
Parent/Guardian One's Information: *
Please include first and last name address, cell phone, home phone, email address, occupation, occupation location, and occupation phone number.
Parent/Guardian Two's Information:
Please include first and last name, address, cell phone, home phone, email address, occupation, occupation location, and occupation phone number.
By completing this application you are acknowledging you have completed this application truthfully and also fully understand that CNP is an ALL outdoor program that participates in risky and dirty play. You further acknowledge that you understand this document and the information listed on CNP's website in it’s entirety, that enrollment is on a first come first serve basis, that acceptance is based on interview and fit, that your child does not have a history of physically violent behavior towards their peers or adults, and that staff reserve the final decision when it comes to CNP enrollment. If YES - type your first and last name *
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Thank you for your interest in Creative Nature Playschool! Staff will be reaching out to you shortly :-)
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