How do you do IA?
Being an information architect is hard. I think two of the biggest challenges to working as an IA are that we often work independently and every project is different. It’s hard to learn from others and getting experience takes time.

I want to create a set of stories that enable IAs to jumpstart or deepen their experience - a sort of ‘reflective practice by proxy’. I'll be finding different ways to share the output from the research – and if you participate you'll get more access to what I create. But first I have to do the research, so I'm looking for volunteers.

I need people with different levels of experience. Whether you're at the start of your career or are very experienced, you can help. I want people who have 'Information architect' as a job title and those who just use an IA mindset or skillset to do their work. I also want to hear from people who no longer consider themselves IAs, those who have embraced another title or a broader toolset. If you do IA, at any stage of a project, I'd love to hear from you.

I'm going to use a range of research techniques. You'll be able to get involved via polls, surveys, interviews and I'm hoping to run some remote diary studies to see how projects can unfold for IAs. Participation can be anonymous if you prefer. You can choose your level of involvement.

I'll be doing things right - following the appropriate codes of conduct for research and getting your informed consent whenever I ask for participation. I will never spam you or pass on your details. By completing this form you're expressing an interest and willingness to participate - but you can opt out at any stage and change your mind.

I'll use the details you provide to help me plan the research and I'll be in touch as soon as the plan is settled.

Thanks in advance for be awesome enough to share your experience.

Oh, and in case you didn't get here via a link I shared, I am Dan Ramsden (you can find out more about me here:
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I might get into the complicated area of job titles and career paths in the main research. For now, I'm interested in tailoring my questions to those who do IA a lot, a bit less or not anymore. If it's more complicated for you, tell me how.
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