HF ArtsFest 2020 Expression of interest
HF ArtsFest is an annual celebration of arts and creativity across the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. We are interested in working with local artists and residents as well as those from further afield who share our vision.

Filling out an Expression of Interest form is a non-committal way of telling us about your ideas or plans and letting us know if you need any support or are able to support the festival in any way.
You will only be to committed to being part of HF ArtsFest once you've confirmed the details of your event and officially registered.
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What skills or areas of expertise can you bring to HF ArtsFest? (e.g. workshops with participants, marketing skills, fundraising skills, producing skills)
What support are you looking for from HF ArtsFest?
Do you know yet who are the key people who will be involved with your event and what are their roles?
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Venue details
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Are you interested in using a park or green space in the borough? If so, which one?
Your audience/participants (if applicable)
Who do you want to reach or work with? How will you reach them?
Funding (if applicable)
How will you fund your event or activity?
Do you have any access needs? How are you considering access in your event/activity planning?
Are you interested in being involved with the BIG RED BUS
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Are you interested in being involved with CommUNITY DAY
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Are you interested in being involved with JOY, our program supporting disabled artists and practitioners?
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