ROADS Freestyle — Registration
Registration for the ROADS Freestyle Challenge is open to students in grades K–12 across the U.S. and territories. Registration opens Thursday, March 26. We strongly recommend that teams register by Monday, May 11. Questions? Visit the website or drop us an email!
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Contact info — Team's adult
Each team must have an adult who handles communication communication between the team and NESSP. Responsibilities of the team's adult include:
* Maintain current contact information for all team members.
* Share all information from NESSP with the team members in a timely fashion.
* Keep in touch with NESSP regarding any questions the team has.
* Accompany the team on any visits the team receives as a prize (e.g., to a NASA center).

A team's adult is usually a teacher or educator, a team member's parent/guardian, or another adult community member serving as a mentor.
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