Mothers Day Messages
I'd love to share your special message with any Mom in your life at my May 10th "Mother's Day LIVE from the Living Room" concert. This is an experiment! I've never done this before - I hope it works - because I'd love to read a message from you to your Mom!!

And remember - these messages can be for ANY MOM - living or not, any gender, age or relationship. Whatever MOM means to you that you're celebrating on Mother's Day this year - that's the message I want to help you share!

• Please add your message below and I'll try to read ALL the messages during the concert.
• Please have your message to me by 3:30 pm EDT on Sun. May 10. I may not be able to read messages that get added once I'm on line ... but I MAY be able to so, send it even if it's late.
• Invite your Mom(s) (or anyone else you love) to come to this show at this link: DHC's "Mother's Day LIVE from the Living Room" concert 2020

• You should get a link to add more messages to different Moms once you send this one
• You should get a 'receipt' including your message

I can't wait to read your Mom message on the air!
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