Performance and Body Composition Assessment
Please complete as much of this form as possible. Some of the fields, including body measurements and heart rate, are required, but you may complete performance assessments as you'd like. I understand that not everyone is interested in the same goals or has access to the same equipment or exercise area, so this assessment includes several types of assessments. Please try to complete two minimum. If this poses an issue, we can discuss your needs individually and decide on other performance assessments.
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Weight (Lbs) *
Always weigh in the morning before eating or drinking and after the bathroom
Body Measurements
One of the best ways to measure body composition change is through body measurements. Body Fat % is also a great way to measure changes. If you have a way to measure body fat %, please record that as well. Different methods are more accurate than others, so if you choose to use this as a measurement tool, we will continue to use the same tool when reassessing to ensure consistency and monitor progress.
Neck girth *
Chest girth *
Upper-arm girth *
cm (Measure at index finger length down from arm/shoulder crease)
Waist girth (at belly button) *
Hip girth *
cm (Measure down from belly button-thumb and index fingers extended length)
Thigh girth *
cm (Thumb and index above knee)
Calf girth *
cm (Index finger length down from knee)
Body Fat %
(If available)
Recovery/Mood Ratings
Rate the following mood qualities on a scale of 1-5.
No Appetite
Always Hungry
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Sleep Quality
Poor Sleep
Great Sleep
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Very Tired
Very Energized
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How difficult was it to adhere to habits today?
Very Difficult
Very Easy
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Record your resting heart rate (taken first thing in the morning while seated, not standing) below. Place your index and middle finger on either your carotid artery (neck) or your radial artery (inside of your wrist) and count the number of beats you feel in 60 seconds. *
Strength Assessments
Bench Press 1RM
Squat 1RM
Deadlift 1RM
Endurance Assessments
Maximum Velocity
1. Start by running on the treadmill at a speed between 7.5 and 8.5 mph and a 0% elevation. 2. Increase the elevation by 1% every minute. 3. Continue until exhaustion. 4. Record the highest achieved elevation.
1 Mile Walk/Run
For Time
3 Mile Walk/Run
For Time
GPP Assessments
500m Row
For Time
2 Minutes Max AS, 1 Minute Rest, 2 Minutes Max Situps, 1 Minute Rest, 2 Minutes Max Pushups
For 5 Minutes, begin every minute with 5 burpees, for remainder of the minute, complete as many air squats as possible.
Score: Total Air Squats
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