Sense of Community
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Choose only your TOP FIVE action ideas with 1-being the most important and 5-being less important. You can only select 5 ideas.
I’d like to see us initiate a Welcome Wagon to provide resources for new residents and businesses.
I’d like to see representation of the various cultures in Upper Chichester. An example includes hanging flags of various cultures.
I’d like to see us celebrate the various cultures in Upper Chichester with events such as: cultural festivals/food festivals, workshops and dance lessons.
I’d like to see organized and promoted community clean-up days.
I’d like to see design features and display planters with flowers that change with the seasons in each neighborhood.
I’d like to see landlords and owners maintaining their buildings and our property laws enforced.
I’d like to see some community gardens in neighborhoods.
I’d like to see more diverse businesses to enhance variety to include (but not limited to) stores with organic/fresh food and vegan options.
I’d like to see our schools and nonprofits teach Civic Duty for all ages.
I’d like to see a marketing campaign to show our Chi Pride. Possibly design T-shirts, stickers, yard signs, etc.
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