CABS Washington Seminar Scholarship Application
The California Association of Blind Students (CABS)--a proud division of the National Federation of the Blind of California--would like to partially fund up to two individuals to attend Washington Seminar in February. To receive this funding you must:
1. be a blind student attending an accredited institution in California. This may be a two-year or four-year college or vocational school.
2. be available to attend the entirety of Washington Seminar, including the Winter Seminar run by the National association of Blind Students (NABS) on the morning of the first day.
3. agree to and adhere to all aspects of the NFB Code of Conduct for the entirety of Washington Seminar. The code of conduct can be found here:
4. agree to a phone interview by either Cricket Bidleman or Mary church, CABS President and Vice President respectively (this will only be required under certain circumstances).
5. Participate in Washington Seminar events with NABS and with the NFB of California delegation.
6. Join the CABS board on the call immediately after Washington Seminar to discuss your experiences. Understand that you do not have to be part of this organization yet, though we hope you will join us.
7. Understand that you will be responsible for finding roommates and booking all reservations for this event.
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What does advocacy mean to you? In particular, what does group advocacy, such as with the NFB, mean to you? If you are new to the organization, which is absolutely fine, please describe what you hope to gain from this experience. *
What does the code of conduct mean to you, and why do you think it is important to a volunteer organization like the NFB? *
What alternative technologies do you use? Will you need extra assistance at Washington Seminar? *
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