World Psychotherapy Survey
We would appreciate if you could help us by participating in this survey which takes about 5 minutes to complete.
I. Training in psychotherapy
Please answer the following questions in this Section concerning how psychotherapy training may be offered in your country
1. In which country are you doing (have you done) your training? *
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2. Is psychotherapy training included in the psychiatry training in your country? *
2.1. If yes, please specify if optional/mandatory:
2.2. If yes, please specify how:
2.3. If yes, please specify what types/modalities of psychotherapy are available:
3. Do you receive psychotherapy supervisions in your country? *
3.1. If yes, please specify if optional/mandatory:
3.2. If yes, please specify format:
3.3. If yes, please specify duration during the whole training:
4. If you want to be trained in psychotherapy in your country, this would be paid for by: *
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