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Register here for the INFINITI Conference on International Finance, which will be held at the University of Glasgow on 9-11 June 2019.
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Terms & Conditions
Please note the "Rules" that help to make INFINITI special:

* No Presenting/Corresponding Author is allowed to present more than 2 papers in the Conference. If you have submitted more than this number and they are all accepted, congratulations! ... But you may either appoint a Co-Author to become the new Presenting/Corresponding Author or withdraw your paper(s) so that only 2 remain.

* We expect all delegates to take an active part in the Conference and will presume that you are able to DISCUSS a paper and/or CHAIR a session, whether you are registering as a Presenting/Corresponding Author or an additional Co-Author or an academic in any other capacity.

* We expect all Session Participants, especially Presenting/Corresponding Authors, to show up. Non-attendance in your Session, without an explanation to the other Session Participants and the Conference Organiser will affect acceptances to INFINITI Conferences in the future.

* Finally, until payment from at least one attending Author is received, your paper(s) will not appear in the Conference Programme. Any outstanding payments must be cleared by 1 May 2019.

If you would like to CHAIR a session, please indicate relevant areas of interest:
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If you have a presentation request, please let us know here:
(e.g. "Can only present after 2pm on Monday" or "Leaving on Tuesday morning")
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