My Smart Idea
My Smart Idea is a platform for crowd sourcing of Ideas collected at a grass root level. The only guideline for submission of ideas is that they should be proposed for solving a real problem faced by a real person or a  local community or society at large. We are seeking these ideas from the young students who are not biased by the norms and can look at the problem with a fresh perspective and may ideate a totally new solutions for many age old problems. 

This platform not only wants to encourage young minds to put on their thinking caps and come-up with promising ideas but we also want to support them to bring these ideas into reality. We're ready to provide help and guidance in every possible way, which would empower them . Once potential ideas are selected through a structured evaluation process and tested for their merit of originality and feasibility, we are intended to provide them mentor-ship, material and monetary support for bringing their ideas into reality.  We would also like to highlight, if any of these ideas have a real potential, we could also support them to protect the IP and can provide guidance for patent filing in the name of the student and try to offer licence to some company who might be interested in commercializing the idea. 

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