2014 Speedgame Community Judging Poll
Thank you for your participation in this year's CDN Speedgame!

Please fill out this form to give feedback on the games entered into the competition.

All games can be downloaded from here: http://christiandevs.com/news/?page_id=509

Judging Categories:

Presentation of Christian Content
- Is it done well? Judge on things like clarity, continuity, applicability, and how well it "fits" with the context, and the quality of any writing.

Fun Gameplay Experience
- Fun-ness (is the game easy to pick up and fun to play? Judge on things like learning curve, engagement, excitement, and replayability)

Creativity / Innovation
- Is the author creative and expressive in their design and implementation? Does the game advance the art of Christian-based games? Does it break new ground, or breathe new life into old ideas? Judged on how well the author pushed and stretched and experimented with the boundaries of what Christian-based gaming can be.

- Polish on the look/feel. How good does the game look and feel? Judge on things like graphics, sound, continuity, consistency, intuitive menus, game stability.
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