EBEC Erlangen - December 4th, 2019 - Registration
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Now before we start with filling in the data, let's just do a quick recap why you made a great decision to sign up for the European BEST Engineering Competition - EBEC in Erlangen.

- Step out of your comfort zone and practise your teamwork, problem solving, decision making and presentation skills
- Get in touch with company representatives from the region
- Meet new people and have a great time together
- Get the chance to advance to the regional round (EBEC happens in >80 cities all over Europe) and potentially the final round (Two years ago a Team from Erlangen made it all the way to the finals :) )
- Get the chance to win great prizes
- Receive a super-cool EBEC T-Shirt
- Be provided with food, drinks, everything you can wish for
- Spend a day actually applying all of those theoretic and abstract concepts from your lectures!

TL:DR - EBEC is cool :)

The spots will be given away on a first come - first serve basis. With that, please bear in mind to let us until until the end of the registration period in case you cannot attend the event anymore so we can invite more participants.

Thanks a lot!
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