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99% of rejected pitches through this form are because of these three issues. Please read to save us both time and energy.

1. Do not send us a "pitch" that's just you asking us to promote your client, product, restaurant, event, etc. We DO NOT run articles on news/products or interviews with people that don't have any specific purpose other than to promote them.

2. Do not send just a statement of "I'd love to work with you! Please contact me!" The purpose of this form is for you to send us your pitch idea - you have to actually have an idea for us to run with, before we can contact you. We will not contact you unless you have an article idea which you send here.

3. Do not send individual recipes. They should form a cohesive article idea - we do not publish single recipes or recipes that don't have much to do with one another.

You do not have to send a finished piece here. Just a paragraph or two of what your idea is. If you want help with how to send a perfect pitch, head to this article we wrote: http://serifandscript.co/journal/2014/6/30/crafting-the-perfect-pitch
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FOR OUR NEXT ISSUE (VINTAGE) - We're specifically looking for anyone who can write about macrame, sewing/repairing clothes, or the history behind "reduce, reuse, recycle." If you have knowledge about any of these, your proposal will be given priority. <3
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