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This event is free to Open Mic Performers, but you must still have a valid ticket which you'll be given once you complete the booking process. During the checkout process, use the Promotion Code OPENMIC. Once you have your ticket reference number, enter it below. Any sign-up applications with an invalid or missing reference will not be accepted and instead will be put on the waiting list for the next available event.
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About in2music
This event is promoted by in2music, part of GLYPT's Progression programme for artistic and creative young people aged 16-25. Our students are made up of young performers, producers, musicians, vocalists, and DJs but also promoters, photographers, technicians and anyone with an interest in music and live events. We help our students to put on their own events, get more gigs, and support them with mentoring, student bursaries and more. We also operate a mailing list. If you would like to learn more about the in2music programme, simply check the box below and we'll be in touch to tell you all about it.
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Media Release
At all of our events, we take photos, record audio and shoot video. We also don’t want to restrict people from taking and sharing their own photos, which makes it almost impossible to exclude any individuals from being captured in some form, by someone. Therefore attendance at our events is on the explicit understanding that you and your performance is likely to be captured and shared publicly, as well as on our own media platforms. If you are uncomfortable with this, we regret we will not be able to accept your application to perform.

We do not actively sensor acts, but we do ask that all acts are respectful of each other and the audience members. If you or your material causes offence you may be asked to leave the stage or even the venue. It may also be necessary to move times around or change the running order. Please bear with us if that happens and respect the host's decisions.

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