Customer Satisfaction Survey 客户满意度调查问卷
Thank you for your continuous support and trust, we appreciate your feedback. 感谢您一路来的支持与信赖,您的反馈我们感激不尽。
1. Which product do you consume? 请问您正在饮用以下哪些产品? *
2. How long have you consumed GoodMorning 18 Grains? 请问您已饮用了多久18穀糧产品? *
3. How frequently do you consume? 请问您多久饮用一次? *
4. Other than you, which of your family members are consuming GoodMorning 18 Grains as well? 除了您本身,您的哪些家人也在饮用18穀糧产品? *
5. How did you know about us? 请问您是透过以下哪个管道认识/接触我们的产品? *
6. Where do you generally buy our product from?请问您一般从哪里购买我们的产品? *
7. What are the aspects that will encourage you to buy our product? 请问以下哪方面促使您购买我们的产品? *
8. How does GoodMorning 18 Grains benefits you? 请问GoodMorning 18穀糧带给你什么益处? *
9. Would you recommend us to a friend or colleague? 请问您是否会将其介绍给身边朋友或同事? *
10. Would you be interested to appear (photo / video) in GoodMorning Global marketing and promotional materials? 请问您是否有兴趣出现在我们的营销和宣传中(照片/视频)? *
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