Healing Self-Hatred 10-Week Intensive Support Group
This group is based in the Advice from a Loving Bitch Curriculum which works with participants to dismantle the patterns, distress-recordings, and emotional blocks created by self-hatred.

Please fill out the application with as much information as possible so we can get to know you. Thanks for applying. 

September 2022 group Dates: September 12, 19, 26, October 3, 10, 17, 24, 30th (Sunday night instead of Monday due to Halloween), November 7, 14.
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Name, preferred pronouns, and location: *
Where did you hear about this program?
Email address and phone number: *
What do you know or what have you experienced with Rythea Lee’s "Advice from a Loving Bitch" online show? *
Have you ever been a participant in a  healing therapeutic group before? If so, please say a little about that and how it was for you? *
What are your identities that you would like to share? (Optional)
What is your education and experience around social justice issues including inequities around gender, race, class, sex, abilities, religious and sexual orientation? Please be as specific as possible, including awareness around institutionalized oppression and identities. (If there are certain areas you are highly engaged in and others that are are new or less developed, please specify). *
Are you comfortable being a participant in a therapeutic support group with folks from different races, genders, class background, sexual orientation, and abilities? *
Are you comfortable and familiar with using the preferred pronouns of those around you? *
Have you recently had any mental health crisis or struggled with self-harming thoughts or behaviors that you think we should know about? *
Do you feel mentally and emotionally stable to be participating in a group like this? Please tell us about your support system. *
 Are there triggers for you around group sharing? If so, how do you manage those moments? What resources will you use? *
Do you have education and/or experience with trauma? Please specify. *
Are you available on Mondays from 6-8:30 beginning September 12th through November 14th? And the one Sunday night which is Oct. 30th? *
The cost of The Healing Self-Hatred 10 week Intensive Support Group is $640.00. If selected as a participant, would you benefit from our scholarship fund for BIPOC folks in order to participate in this group? Please provide an estimate (percentage or numerical figure) of the amount you would be able to allocate towards your completion of the program. Please note that your response to this question has no influence on whether or not you will be selected as a participant; we are gathering this information for fundraising purposes only. Please note that payment plans are possible, ask us about it if you need one. *
What else do you want to tell us or ask us about this  healing group? Please let us know about any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you! *
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