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How often to do you check SJI BST?
Have you met new people?
Are lost pets ads appropriate?
Have you posted items?
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Economic Activity - spending
about how much do you spend in SJI BST in a year
Economic Activity - selling
about how much to you sell in SJI BST in a year
How would you improve SJI SBT
Compared to Craigslist, which are important
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What is your favorite story about SJI BST?
Found a pet, person, or lost item? Found something cool to buy to receive? Sold an item? Met more Islanders?
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Is there something being done right or wrong?
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Are these of value to you?
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SJI Buy, Sell, Trade has grown from 3100 to 4400+ this past year. Is that good?
Is SJI BST too large? too small? just right
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