WIJO Mentors - Mentee Application Form
Application Form for "WIJO Mentors Program" Spring 2019 Mentee Applicants: DUE DATE - JANUARY 31, 2019 at Midnight EST.

Mentees chosen from Collegiate Jazz programs throughout the U.S. will be selected and paired with Mentors from the WIJO community who are professional women or non-binary Jazz Musicians, based on application forms, letters of recommendation, performance on video submission, and other considerations including musical skill, artistic vision, business experience, location, and potential for growth, as well as ability to contribute to the community of women in jazz.

All WIJO Mentors Mentee applicants will receive feedback on their applications, and will be invited to attend all WIJO mentors events, even if they do not get selected for the current 2019 WIJO Mentors Program. Applicants are encouraged to apply and re-apply for as many semesters as they are eligible.

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