Darby's Dancers Volunteer Application
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Do you have any special skills or training? (computer skills, baby-sitter training, sign language,art classes etc....)
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Do you have experience or know a child with special needs like autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, etc. Please share with us what you have experienced.
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You will need to have at least 2 people complete references for you. One must be a dance teacher (if you are a dancer), and one from school, church or other activities, but they can not be related to you.
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Understanding of Commitment
I understand that I am making a commitment to attend every practice and assist at recital
and all other Darby’s Dancers functions. I agree to be respectful to the staff, students and parents of
Darby’s Dancers. I also agree to attend all volunteer training and meetings required for my position. I
agree to be on time and if I am unable to attend for any reason to call the staff asap. I agree to dress in
appropriate dance attire to volunteer and complete my volunteer time sheet.

As a parent of a volunteer you agree to support their commitment by encouraging them to
strive for good work habits and attendance. Make sure they arrive on time and are picked up on time.
Please emphasize the importance of their responsibility to this program.

All volunteers may be photographed or on video for marketing.

My parent/guardian and I understand the commitment of a Darby's Dancer Volunteer *
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