Train Operator Blacklist Appeal
This form is for the purpose of appealing one of the three blacklists:

Examiner Blacklist: Prohibits the player from applying for examiner due to a bad driving record. [Six or more demerits.]
Please note that you must go BELOW six demerits before your appeal is considered.

Testing Blacklist: Prohibits the player from taking a train operator test due to too many failed attempts or showing complete incompetence in driving.

Driving Blacklist: Prohibits the player from driving, and is given depending on the severity of an offense and when a driver bypasses eight demerit points.

Please consider the notes below before starting:
-Note that if you have more than one blacklist, you will need to submit one appeal per blacklist.
-You must wait seven days until a blacklist has been issued to appeal.
-You will be given one attempt per blacklist per administrative month.
-Should you submit an appeal every month and no improvement is seen, you will be barred from appealing. This can be either temporary or permanent.

We ask that you put your best effort into these appeals. Results will be released on the third Saturday of every month.
What is your in game name? (IGN) *
What is your discord username and ID? *
Which blacklist are you appealing? *
About when were you blacklisted? *
Why were you blacklisted? *
Why should we accept your appeal? Make this as long as you would like. *
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