Buckle up! You'll be gathering 4 potential sources for your 'Discredited Ideas' paper.
First things first. What's your name?
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Which discredited idea do you plan to write about?
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Source #1: The Elusive eBook
NMC students have access to multiple ebook subscription services. Visit and click the "Search e-Books" link beneath "OTHER SEARCHES." Search for your chosen topic in one (or all) of the following ebook databases: Credo Reference, ebrary, or JSTOR ebooks. Copy and paste a permalink to the BEST book you managed to find below. (Hint: If you've never used a permalink before, just ask a librarian for help.)
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Source #2: A Certain Type of Website
Time for specialized Google searching! Try adding to the beginning of a Google search on your topic. Take a close look at your search results. Now, instead, try adding to the beginning of a Google search on your topic. Below, explain the difference between the two sets of search results, and then copy & paste a link to the best website you found.
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Source #3: Properly Peer-Reviewed
The "Search Everything" box on the library's main page ( offers a check box to limit search results to ONLY peer-reviewed sources. Click the "Peer Reviewed" box, then enter some search terms related to your topic and click "Search." Find a useful, up-to-date, peer-reviewed article related to your topic, then be an amazing research sleuth and locate the handy "Cite" tool. Copy & paste the APA or MLA style citation for your chosen peer-reviewed article below. (Hint: If you need help locating the "Cite" tool, ask a librarian! Also important: machine-generated citations are only as good as the data they 'slurp' up. ALWAYS double-check machine-generated citations before adding them to your works cited list.)
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(Optional Video Tutorial on Scholarly Journals)
"Peer Review in 3 Minutes" from North Carolina State University
Source #4: Into the Stacks!
It's the eye of the tiger; it's the thrill of the fight! It's the final task! It's time to locate a print book in the library STACKS or an article from a print reference book on your topic. (If you are unfamiliar with locating physical books on the shelf, just ask a librarian for help!) Next, check out the book or make a photocopy of the reference article, and show it to your professor. Receive a hearty handshake. Strut out the door, research warrior!
Well done, friend! And don't be a stranger. We're always available to offer research help, no appointment needed!
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