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Please complete the following form to submit your ideas to speak at ng-conf 2018. This call for presenters closes at 11:59PM on January 15th, 2018.

What ng-conf is looking for
Dear Potential Speakers,

Thank you for coming here to submit your ideas to speak at ngConf 2018. Your ideas are the ones that will make #ngconf2018 the best ngConf yet. Our goal as an organizing team is to help you put your best foot forward, as well as help make sure that you are addressing the topics and concerns that many in the Angular community have.

Last month we sent out a survey to our followers, asking them to tell us what they want to learn about, and what they need to learn about. In true Angular-fashion, the community delivered an entire array of answers that we didn't expect. With the data from that survey, we can definitely make sure that the right talks get selected. We want to share some of that info with you before you submit your proposal to speak. The following is some of their feedback. Please read it before you submit your ideas.

When we asked the community the #1 thing that they wanted to hear about at #ngconf2018, they said:
- State management, RxJS, and ngrx (by far the #1 answer)
- AOT & Better Builds in general
- Universal/Server-side rendering
- Testing
- Complex Forms
- Real-world Upgrade

When we asked them the #2 thing that they wanted to hear about at #ngconf2018, we expected similar answers, but got completely different answers. Here they are, in order of popularity:
- Advanced Angular CLI & Custom Builds
- Advanced Routing
- RxJS/ngRx
- Scaling large apps
- Best Practices

When we asked them the #3 thing that they wanted to hear about at #ngconf2018, again, we got different answers:
- Performance (by far the #1 answer)
- Universal/Server-side Angular
- Actual animations
- Testing
- ngrx (again)

When we asked them if they wanted to hear advanced, intermediate, or beginner talks, here is the breakdown of their answers:
- 57.9% said Advanced
- 40.4% said Intermediate
- 1.8% said Beginner

One questions that made us chuckle was "What topics are covered too often?", they said (see if you can spot the pattern):
- Getting Started with <Insert Angular Thing Here>. People are done listening to beginner level talks.
- 3rd Party Tools. They don't want to learn about 3rd party stuff.
- Upgrade
- The basics
- TypeScript is Good (because we already know it is)
- CLI basics
- Routing Basics
- Intro to X

One last thing to share, and possibly the one that shocked us the most was, we asked the community what topics in Angular feel like they have mastered, and over 80% of the answers were "Nothing". A few people said things like "Routing" or "ngUpgrade" or "Reactive Forms". But... other than that, everyone claimed to be the master of none. So... there is a lot of room here to improve as a community.

If you need any help submitting your ideas, please reach out to the ng-conf team...

- Email us at

- Join us for a hangout on November 15th 2017 from 12pm-1:30pm MST. Head over here:

- Check out the Adventures in Angular podcast. There was recently a podcast done about #ngconf2018, where more details about what the community wants to here were provided.

- Check out the 2016 and 2017 hangouts with the organizers for helpful tips & tricks here:
2016 -
2017 -

Speaking Benefits
Those selected to present at ng-conf 2018 will receive the following:
- free ticket to ng-conf 2018
- flight and hotel stay reimbursed
- eternal gratitude and undying glory
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